Plane Dimmensions

  • Wingspan – 2240mm / 88″
  • Weight – 8-9kg
  • Engine – 50-65 Gas or 3000W Electric

The Kit Includes

1. Laser cut poplar plywood parts

2. Laser cut balsa parts

3. Lexan canopy

4. Composite cowl

5.Detailed, fine printed paper plans in 1:1 scale

Material list you will needed:


diameter 30 mm / length 700 mm – LINK HERE

diameter 16 mm / length 250 mm – LINK HERE

Pine and balsa:


Landing Gear

Our kit is compatible with retracts from Shindin Machine, Siera and Hobbyking.


Each kit is built specifically for you and we even engrave the pilot’s name on it! That’s why we need approximatelly 4 – 5 weeks after we receive your PayPal payment to produce the kit, pack it and ship it to your address.

Here you can see a building galery of the plane.

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4 reviews for Spitfire MK XIV E 1/5

  1. Avatar


    there is nothing as beautiful as the sihlouette of the Mk XiV,Impressive bird in 1/5 exact scale,One of the very best kits i ever build.

  2. Avatar

    Neil Fairlie

    very nice kit like to build one.

  3. Avatar

    Neil Fairlie

    1/5 scale spitfire mkxiv e model kit is well made and i would like to buy one. Thankyou Neil.

  4. Avatar

    Neil Fairlie

    spitfire kit. I would like to order one.

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