On each product, that you see this badge on, you can be sure that it’s been produced based on the original aircraft plans!

What distinguishes FokkeRC from the rest of the builders is that our designs are based on genuine aircraft schematics directly from the factories that used to produced the actual planes.

We do not sacrifice the real form of the airplane to achieve better flying model. All lines and dimensions are perfectly matching the ones of the original aircraft. Our goal is to provide you with kits, that represent as close as possible the original plane.

With our kits, you will be able to participate in scale competitions. They guarantee that the outline of the plane is exactly matching the original one.

As seen on the images, during the kit creation process, each detail has been designed, tweaked and manufactured so that it fits within the original factory lines of the plane without any compromise in details and proportion!

Check Out Some of Our Working Schematics!