Plane Dimmensions

  • Wingspan – 2800 mm / 110″
  • Weight – 16kg / 35lbs
  • Engine – 60-150cc Gas engine

The Kit Includes

1. Laser cut poplar plywood parts

2. Lexan canopy

3. Composite cowl

4. Oilcooler

5. Intake

6. Detailed, fine printed paper plans in 1:1 scale

List of Materials You Need


diameter 35 mm / length 850 mm

diameter 18 mm / length 380 mm

Landing Gear

Our kit is compatible with retracts from Shindin Machine, Siera and Hobbyking.


Each kit is built specifically for you and we even engrave the pilot’s name on it! That’s why we need approximatelly 4 – 5 weeks after we receive your PayPal payment to produce the kit, pack it and ship it to your address.

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    1. Avatar

      Harry Wolff

      We are a team of 2 modellers with different background. Manfred is a 82 years old senior pilot who has so many hours in real cockpits of gliders, motorplanes and UL. He is grounded by getting no more medical and he was over years busy in the repair and built shop of the Wasserkuppe.
      I am 72 retired engineer of electronics and designed for many years radio control systems for robbe and Futaba. I am more interested in flying models than sitting in the hangar. I will be the pilot for the Mig of Manfred.
      As i am checking the build of Manfreds model, i can support him with my long exprience.
      We are justed finishing the fuselage of the MIG 1 which was specially modified for this poroject. We have yet not that many pictures but we show what we have.Soon more will follow.

      The first impression of the the kit parts was perfect. We have modified some details like removable elevator and a wi9ng of 2 halfs. All is for better transportation.
      We will show up with the next big steps soon.

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