• Scale composite skin with all the rivets, panel lines and realistic surface, just like the original plane!
  • Included composite skin for fuselage, winds and horisontal stab
  • Weights only 1050gr
  • You can cover the entire airplane structure using Polyoretan glue or an epoxy adhesive.

Used for the following scale kits:

Messerschmitt BF-109 E4 1/5 scale

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    2 reviews for Composite skin for Messerschmitt BF-109 E4 Scale 1/5

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      Rafael Escudero

      Do you have the inerior for the 1/5 model? Or where to buy it?
      When do you going to have the offer combo for the kit and the composit skin? 😉

    2. Avatar


      Very cool, I have built a plug for a big biplane. Thinking of doing the same for my skin’s. Could you tell me the weight of the glass an did you use a vacuum system? Thanks Scott

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