Welcome to Fokke RC Custom!

We’ve been building super scale models with 100% authenticity for decades. Now, we present you our newest feature – the ability to order a kit for your favourite plane that’s designed and built speciffically for you!

Scale and Size

We can design and produce a kit for you in 1/5 to 50% scale! We’ve already designed a number of half-size kits that are successfully built by FokkeRC customers!


We specialize in WW2 planes, jets and Korean War figher planes. However, we’r enot limited to those planes, feel free to send us questions about everything you would love to build!

Authenticity and Quality

We are confident that we can produce quality short kits that will fly perfectly and have an award-winning shilouette! Whenever possible we will design a scale model for your that’s based on the original factory blueprints. We have huge library of documentation and contacts with many museums and experts that can assist and help in case additional information is needed!

Price and Shipping

Once we discuss the scale and the model of the plane you’re interested, we will provide you with detailed quotation about your order and production time. Shipping costs will be calculated at the end of the project once we have the weight of the kit and selected delivery company selected.